How Indian Astrology Messes Up Newly Wedds’ Sexlife

Wherever we come from on this planet, whether we are religious or not, traditional or not, we all go through the same hormonal changes during puberty and then teenage years, discovering desire and all that jazz. The difference is that some wait and some don’t. In the Western world, except for a few Mormons and other true believers, not only couples already had sex before getting married, but some even already have children (and that’s if they ever do get married).

So just imagine. You are and Indian person aged 22, 25 or maybe 28. Getting married to the man/woman you love, or maybe whom you don’t love yet because you met her/him recently and you and your family thought it would be a good idea (I am not going into the arrange marriage vs. love marriage debate, maybe another time). Anyhow, whatever the form of this union, you’ve been waiting and spending hours on the phone, and now finally you will know what it’s REALLY like. Not just books, movies, and gossips, real sex that is even socially allowed, finally.

In the West, the only thing that matters for the big day is that the sun is shining and the bride is in a good mood. Everyone knows that when the wedding night comes, the couple is usually so exhausted and so drunk that they fall asleep like stones without even taking their wedding gowns off.

In India it can apparently be a bit more complicated. Once everyone has agreed that the bride and groom have compatible love astrogoly profiles, they will rely again on astrology to chose the wedding date to ensure that you have a happy and fruitful marriage. The wedding day comes, dancing and eating and 800 guests later, finally you are alone with your better half…and now it is finally allowed to get naked and throw yourself at each other.

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